Preparing for College

The college application process can be a fun experience rather than stressful and overwhelming.

The key to making the search for the right college a fun process is realizing that the college application process starts in ninth grade.  Although graduation is almost four years away, what students do now will affect which colleges they apply to in the future.  Counselors at University Prep will provide students with the necessary support to successfully complete the college preparatory curriculum their teachers offer.

Starting from the ninth grade, students are encouraged to try their best in all their classes. In the tenth grade, students take the PSAT’s for the first time. Counselors continue to provide students with academic, career/college, and emotional/social support.

During the first semester of eleventh grade, students are introduced to Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Juniors may also take college courses through the College Now Program and get college credit.  Juniors will also take the PSAT’s which will enter them in the National Merit Scholarship Program.  Juniors will be offered SAT I and SAT II prep classes and will register to take the SAT’s for the first time during their second semester. The eleventh grade advisory will cover resume writing.  Juniors will have resumes which highlight their academic history, extracurricular activities, volunteer/community service and work experience.  During the second term of advisory, juniors will begin to write their personal statements.  Students will also be encouraged to research colleges online. They will also be invited on college trips to selected colleges.  Juniors will also work closely with their counselors to help them select possible college majors.  Students and counselors will create a list of several colleges to which students intend to apply.  Juniors will be encouraged to attend the school’s college fair in order to get an idea of what colleges they plan on applying to.

During their senior year, students revise and finalize their resumes and personal statements.  They register in the early fall to retake the SAT’s if needed.  All college and scholarship applications are mailed out before Christmas break.  Financial Aid (FAFSA) applications are due in the College Office the first week of January.  In the spring students await responses from colleges and scholarships.  Advisory classes focus on what to expect when they attend college in the Fall.

We look forward to 100% of our high school graduates being accepted into college – and that includes you!