Current Opportunities

Solicitation for founding Grade 5 and Grade 6 teachers at University Prep Charter Middle School for the 2019-20 school year

University Prep Charter Middle School (UP Middle) has founding instructional and counseling openings for the 2019-2020 school year for grades 5 and 6:

  • Mathematics (2)
  • English (2)
  • Social Studies (2)
  • Science (2)
  • School counselor (2)
  • Physical Education (2)
  • English as a New Language (ENL)(1)
  • Art & Art History (1)
  • Music & Music History (1)


The School

  • UP Middle—an expansion of University Prep Charter High School (UP High)—is a new school serving grades 5 through 8 in Community School District (CSD) 7 in the South Bronx. UP Middle will open in September 2019 with 60 fifth-grade and 120 sixth-grade students.
  • UP High is currently in its eleventh year and is the top performing high school in CSD 7, with an average four-year graduation rate of 98% and a 100% college-acceptance rate. In 2016, UP High was named a National Blue National School by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • In 2022, UP Middle will serve 480 students in grades 5-8, after which they will continue to UP High. We aim to have all students pass the Algebra and U.S. History Regents exams at the college readiness rate at the end of the eighth grade, and to have all students score at least a 3 on the New York State ELA and math exams.


Keystone Beliefs

As a new school, there is real opportunity for founding teachers and staff members to shape the school’s curriculum, its common instructional practices, and its culture, which are built around three key beliefs:

1. Knowledge-led teaching based on a coherent, cumulative, and content specific curriculum

  • A school’s curriculum should intentionally build a foundation of knowledge in all disciplines—and is content-specific, known to all members of the community, and appropriately aligned.

  • We believe in teaching from the front of the classroom—that teachers are masters of their content and their craft and that classes are shaped by strong, uniform practices.

  • The best lessons are built from great units that are planned in advance and that include meaningful major assessments.

2. An ethos of sharing and open doors

  • We gather together on a regular basis to plan, select, workshop, revise, and rehearse lesson plans and texts around shared practices.

  • We read, study, and discuss literature around schooling and learning—conversations that start before the school year begins and continue throughout the year.

  • We have an open-door culture that asks everyone to learn from one other—teachers regularly do quick observations of each other and then provide feedback.

3. Reading, first and foremost

  • Reading is critical to all we do at UP Middle School—and a belief that helping students learn to read better will promote and sustain their learning is our single most important core value.

  • We incorporate a range of reading experiences throughout the school day—students read rich texts with teacher support, as a whole class, in small groups, and independently.

  • We believe in providing opportunities to repeatedly assess students’ reading levels—to ensure that students who are underperforming in reading receive as much support as possible to bring them up to current grade level as quickly as possible.


Core Responsibilities

  1. Plan units using backward design as a framework to address the domains and big ideas within the Core Knowledge Foundation’s Core Knowledge sequence for grades 5-8;
  2. Plan lessons both independently and collaboratively that are organized in the context of developed units and that include individual measurable objectives;
  3. Teach both independently and collaboratively with other teachers—including general education, special education and ENL teachers, in inclusion settings;
  4. Teach readingusing targeted intervention strategies, including shared and guided reading, in small groups;
  5. Run a daily advisory class that includes daily student goal-setting and independent reading, and run a daily homeroom;
  6. Implement common, school-wide behavioral and instructional practicesthat address room management and culture-building, student citizenship and good behavior monitoring. family outreach, reading and writing routines, questioning and discussion routines, and assessment;
  7. Regularly administer, collect, and analyze assessment datagathered from a variety of sources;
  8. Use Google Classroom or a similar platformto create and maintain updated classroom streams. distribute student work, and assess student work;
  9. Participate in ongoing professional learning and support colleagues by providing regular feedback on their practices; and
  10. Participate in at least one of the school’s committees, including but not limited to Hiring, Budget, Professional Development, Leadership, Calendar and Programming, Community Outreach, Events, and Awards.


Salary and Benefits

  • At roughly 18% above the NYC DOE salary schedule, staff compensation is very competitive and determined by our collective bargaining agreement.
  • UP was co-founded in conjunction with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), and faculty and staff are members of the UFT and receive full benefits and are enrolled in the New York City Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS). Current NYC DOE teachers continue participating in TRS.
  • Employees are safeguarded by a unique contractthat is periodically negotiated by school staff and the board of trustees.


How to Apply

  • New York State Certification preferred, but not required. Strong content knowledge and ability to help students address literacy, numeracy, and other learning challenges.
  • Candidates should submit a résumé; a unit plan that includes the summative or concluding assessment as presented in student-facing materials; and a cover letter that addresses why you wish to join the school to Candidates are encouraged to share these documents using Google Drive.
  • Candidates may be asked to teach a lesson, or be observed in their own classroom, depending on the situation, and provide prior written observation reports.