Our Mission

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The Mission of University Prep Charter High School is to prepare students for success in college, leadership and life.  We achieve this mission by creating a student-centered environment that unifies the efforts of family, community and school to foster life-long learning, cross-cultural relationships, social responsibility, and academic excellence.  The underlying belief at University Prep Charter High School is that all students can go to college and that their preparation is our professional responsibility and moral obligation.

About University Prep Charter High School:

University Prep Charter High School is a free, public, 9-12, college-preparatory school serving 400 students in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. The majority of UPCHS students live in the neighborhood and qualify for free lunch. We boast a 98% graduation rate100% college acceptance rate, and a 98% parent approval rating. Teaching at University Prep is a distinct and rewarding experience as a result of a professional atmosphere where collaboration and continual growth are encouraged and facilitated through professional development, co-planning opportunities, and teacher-led committee work.

Our Approach:

We believe that with appropriate academic supports, students of all abilities learn more in classes with highly challenging content than in those with low academic rigor. The administration and staff of University Prep Charter High School is forward focused, making sure that we are working to achieve long-term longitudinal academic goals for our students. Regardless of the age group, teachers and administrators are striving to ensure that all students, by twelfth grade, have the appropriate credit accumulation for graduation and the preparation necessary to excel in post-secondary school.

UPCHS students enroll in a scope and sequence of courses aligned to the New York State and Common Core Learning Standards and take the full complement of Regents exams necessary to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma. Students also benefit from a variety Advanced Placement courses and early-college courses at local universities. Our elective courses, such as technology, drama, and life skills, support and complement our core academic classes by reinforcing academic skills and providing outlets for creativity. We employ a team of highly qualified individuals to help identify and service the social and emotional needs of our diverse student body which fosters our school’s culture of support and creates a strong sense of community.